Sports Capital of Pakistan: Tour of Sialkot’s Sports Industry By Samihameed - March 18, 2024


Sports Capital of Pakistan: Tour of Sialkot’s Sports Industry By Samihameed - March 18, 2024

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Sialkot, a city with about two million people, has made a big name in the world of making sports stuff. Known as the sports capital of Pakistan, the Sialkot sports industry has been making sports gear for over a hundred years.

Historical Significance of Sialkot in Sports

For over a century, Sialkot has been a top-notch spot for making sports stuff. Sialkot’s sports gear journey started in 1883 with making things like cricket bats and hockey sticks. In 1918, they even added soccer balls, sending them to the British Army in Singapore. Sialkot has a long history of excellence in producing sports goods. Now, it’s a central place for making all kinds of sports things, from soccer balls to cricket gear and more. Sialkot has made a big mark on the world stage for sports gear.

Known Around the World

Sialkot’s sports gear is known globally and is used by big brands like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. The quality of what Sialkot makes is because they carefully choose materials, make things well, and deliver them right.

Sialkot is a big player in the world sports gear market, sending out goods worth $2 billion annually. It’s a major maker of soccer balls, producing up to 60 million of them each year.

Making More than Just Soccer Balls

Sialkot isn’t just about soccer; they create all sorts of sports gear. From cricket and rugby to American football, boxing, and even sports clothes, they’ve got it covered. They’re also skilled in working with leather, making surgical tools, and creating equipment for horse riding. So, Sialkot isn’t just focused on one sport; they’re experts in making a whole bunch of different sports gear and other important things.

Sialkot Sports Goods Manufacturers

Pakistan is a big player in the world of sports, creating jobs and making money. Sialkot sports industry is a standout city for sports goods and home to many great companies that make and sell excellent sports products locally and globally. Here are some sportswear makers in Sialkot, where you can find high-quality sporting supplies. 

Obee Sports

Obee Sports has more than eight years of experience in making excellent sportswear and leather items. They create tracksuits, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and pants for sports, and also gloves, suits, bags, and belts in leather. What sets Obee Sports apart is its commitment to providing clients with a clear advantage in terms of cost and overall profitability. Obee Sports stands out by offering clients cost advantages and better overall profitability. They ensure everything is top-notch by thoroughly checking before shipping, following their strict quality control policy.

Arian Sports Ltd

Since starting in 1982, Arian Sports Ltd has been a go-to for awesome motorcycle gloves. They’ve over 250 skilled folks making more than 300,000 pairs of gloves each year in their cool factory.

At Arian Sports, you can find different gloves for racing, touring, and city rides. Whether your old gloves are worn out, or you just want an upgrade, Arian Sports is the perfect place to get new ones. They’re known as one of the best glove makers in Sialkot, making sure motorcycle enthusiasts get quality and variety.


For any sports team, JISA-Sports is the place to be for custom uniforms. It doesn’t matter what sport you play; they specialize in making unique uniforms for everyone. Each player gets their design with their name, number, and the right size – and the best part is, there’s no extra charge for this customisation. Even if you just have a basic sketch, JISA-Sports has skilled designers who can turn it into a professional design using advanced techniques. JISA-Sports is known worldwide for its different items, like soccer jerseys, basketball shorts, basketball jerseys, baseball uniforms, tracksuit bottoms, and Polo Shirts. When you want top-notch, personalized sports gear, JISA-Sports is the choice to make sure your team hits the field with style and individual flair.

Athletic Gear Production in Sialkot

Sialkot is a city steeped in sports history, there’s a lively industry making high-quality athletic gear. This industry has been making sports goods for more than a hundred years and is a big deal in the global sports scene. They make all kinds of sports gear including soccer balls, cricket kits, rugby balls, American football gear, and more. Over sixty thousand skilled folks are working hard to produce millions of sports products every year.

But it’s not just about making gear for the locals; Sialkot is a go-to spot for big brands like Nike and Adidas. They love getting their sports goods from here because the Sialkot sports industry is all about doing things at a top-notch level.

Beyond the numbers and sending stuff around the world, Sialkot’s sports gear industry is a big player in the community. It creates jobs and adds to the city’s money game. Even though they face challenges like not-so-great working conditions, the folks in this industry are all about bringing new ideas and top quality.

Export Quality Goods

Sialkot’s sports industry is providing its products to almost every country globally, either directly or indirectly. These products are mainly created for international markets and have gained worldwide recognition due to the high quality in choosing raw materials, designing, manufacturing processes, and delivering them to customers.

Some well-known international brands that get a significant portion of their sports goods supplies from Sialkot include:

·        Adidas

·        Nike

·        Puma

·        Select

·        Lotto

·        Umbro

·        Mitre

·        Micassa

·        Diadora

·        Wilsons

·        Decathlon

Sialkot’s Part in Big Sporting Events

Sialkot sports industry showed its quality and new ideas when it won the chance to make the Adidas Brazuca, the official ball for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Despite Pakistan not being big in football, Sialkot is a standout.

Forward Sports, based in Sialkot, has worked with Adidas for almost 20 years. They make the official World Cup ball, Al Rihla. Sialkot has been making soccer balls and sports gear since colonial times. Pakistan is among the top soccer ball makers globally, with Sialkot playing a big part. In 2021/22, over 43 million balls worth $191 million were made in Sialkot. The city’s sports industry adds over $900 million yearly to Pakistan’s economy, making up 6% of total exports. Sialkot gained fame in 1982 with its ‘Tango Balls’ used in the FIFA World Cup, which made it a sports manufacturing hub.

Even though cricket is more popular in Pakistan, Sialkot exported 42 million soccer balls in 2014, with 70% of the world’s soccer balls coming from here. Sialkot’s sports legacy goes beyond just making soccer balls, making it a global hub for sports and a source of pride for Pakistan.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Sialkot’s sports industry has faced challenges, including poor working conditions and a lack of technological advancement, there is a call for modernization. The government’s support and investment in research and development are seen as crucial to unlocking the full potential of Sialkot’s sports manufacturing sector.


To sum up, Sialkot’s sports industry journey from producing cricket gear to becoming a global sports manufacturing hub is a testament to its dedication, innovation, and unmatched quality. The city’s impact in the global sports arena reflects passion, persistence, and a dedication to pushing the limits of sports manufacturing. Sialkot’s sports future is headed with immense potential and eagerly awaits further modernization and global acknowledgement.


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